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Full text of "Constitution of the Grand Division of the Sons of Temperance of the state of Kentucky"

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NEW YORK, JUNE, 1846. 



RULE I. — Name. This body shall be known as the GRAND 

RULE II. — Of whom composed. Sec. 1. — It shall be composed 
of such W. P's. and Past W. P\s. as the several Subordinate Divis- 
ions may elect The Grand Division, however, shall have power to 
expel, or otherwise punish any member for a violation of its ruled. 

Sec. 2. Each Subordinate Division shall, at the first regular meet- 
ing in October, annually, ballot separately and with ball ballots, for 
Representatives to the Grand Division. All W. P's. and Past W. 
P's shall be eligible, but such only shall be entitled to seats in the 
Grand Division (except those holding office in the Grand or National 
Divisions,) as shall receive a majority of the votes cast — the same be- 
ing set forth in their credentials, as follows: 

- Division, No. — , S. of T. 
- October — 18 — , 

To the Grand Division of the of — 

This is to certify that W. P. (or P. W. P., and if more than one, 

the credentials may be made out together or separately) has 

been duly elected to represent this Division in the Grand Division, un- 
til October next. 

In witness whereof we have caused this to be 

[seal] signed by our K. S, and the seal of the 

Division to be attached, 

, R. S. 

Sec. 3, Subordinate Divisions shall also have power to elevate 
those Brothers to the Grand Division who reach the \V. P's. chair 
during the Terms occurring between the annual elections for Repre- 
sentatives, to serve until October following. Such Brothers to be bal- 
loted for, as described in the preceding section. 

RULE III. — Time of Meeting. Its quarterly sessions shall be 
held in the months of October, January, April and" July, on such days 
as shall he agrcrd upon. The annual session shall be held in October, 
at which the officers shall be elected, 

RULE IV.— Officers. The officers shall be a G. W. P., G. W. 
A., G Scribe, G. T., G. Chaplain, G. Conductor, and G. S ■ntin 1. 

RULE Y.—How Elected. The Grand Officers shall be elected by 
ballot. A majority of all the votes present shall be necessary to con- 
stitute a choice. In case of a tie, the balloting shall continue until :• 
choice is made; the name of a Brother receiving the lowest number of 
rotes at rach baHotirtnr B }^\] h r ^.j t | 1f ] rnwni 

171464 ** 

RULE VI. The G. W. P. shall preside in the Grand Division. 
He shall have power to visit any Subordinate Division under this ju- 
risdiction, and require a compliance to the rides and usages of the Or- 
der. He may summon any one of the Grand Officers, and require 
from him information respecting his office. He shall appoint ail offi- 
cers which may be required in this Grand Division, unless otherwise 
ordered. He shall have power to call special sessions when requested 
in writing, by at least five members, representing not less than two 
Subordinate Divisions — but no alteration affecting the general interest 
of the Order throughout the State, shall be made, except at the annual 
session. He shall, personally, or by deputy, visit each Division un- 
der this jurisdiction, at least once a quarter, and make a report at each 
Quarterly Session. He shall also see that the annual returns are made 
out and forwarded to the National Division. 

RULE VII. In the absence of the G. W. P., the G. W. A. shall 
perform the duties belonging to his office. In the absence of both, the 
Grand Division shall appoint a Chairman. 

RULE VIII. The Grand Scribe shall keep a correct record of the 
proceedings of the Grand Division. He shall keep a correct roll of 
the members, and notify meetings. He shall, as soon as possible, 
furnish the Chairman, (he who is first appointed) of every Committee 
with a copy of so much of the minutes as relates to the business of 
such Committee. He shall receive, file, and record all appeals, peti- 
tions, and applications, and certify all documents from the Grand Di- 
vision. He shall receive and properly record all monies of the Grand 
Division, and pay the same over to the G. T. without delay, taking a 
receipt therefor. He shall conduct the correspondence of the Grand 
Division, under its general rules, the direction of the G. W. P., and 
the established usages of the Sons of Temperance. He shall attend 
all meetings of the Grand Division with the necessary writings under 
his control — and at each Quarterly Session, present a report of the im- 
portant transactions during die term, with the amount of monies receiv- 
ed, and from what sources. He shall also prepare the annual returns, 
in accordance with Part 10, of the Constitution of National Division, 
and shall send to the National Division, all documents referred to it. 

RULE IX. The G. T. shall have charge of all the funds, property, 
securities, and vouchers of the Grand Division; and pay all orders drawn 
on him by the G. S., and countersigned by the G. W. P. He shall 
attend on the Grand Division or its presiding officer, when required, 
with all necessary books and instruments relating to his office; he shall 
also me?,t with any Grand Committee, whose duty it may be to act in 
relation to the finances of the Grand Division. When going out of 
office, he shall immediately deliver to his successor in office, or to 
whomsoever shall be appointed to receive the same, all monies, securi- 
ties, evidences of debt, books, writings and property of the Grand Di- 
vision, which may be in his possession, or under his control, with all prop- 
er assignments. He shall render a full report at each Quarterly Session. 

RULE X. The G. Chaplain shall attend the meetings of the 
Grand DHeion, and perform the duties of his office. 

RIII E \I The G. Conductor shall introduce the Grand Officers 
at their installation, new members for initiation, and conduct ^pro- 
cessions of the Grand Division. He shall have charge of all property 
not properly under the control of either of the other officers. At the 
DD eniiJ of the meeting he shall see the officers' badges in their proper 
,, ace* and at the close, see them safely put away. 

RULE XII. The G. Sentinel shall guard the door, and see that 
none enter or retire but those duly authorized. 

RULE XIII. Voting. — Sec. 1. In voting for officers, each mem- 
ber of this Grand Division shall, have one vote. 

On ordinary questions the vote may be taken as per usage, 
but when demanded by at least three representatives from different Di- 
visions, it shall be taken by Divisions. 

Sec. 3. When a vote by Divisions is demanded, the G. Scribe 

shall call the roll of Divisions, beginning with No. 1, and a majority of 

representatives present from each Division shall govern its vote. 

If the rr preventatives of a Division are equally divided, its vote shall 

be lost. 

Sei . I. In voting by Divisions, each Division shall be entitled to 
one vote fur fifty contributing members or less — and every additional 
fifty contributing members shall entitle it to an extra vote. 

RULE XIV. — Quorum. Seven Brothers shall constitute a quo- 
rum for the transaction of business. 

RULE XV. — Revenue. The revenue of this Grand Division shall 
he derived as follows: 

For every Charter to open a new Division, not less than $5 00 

For tin* privilege of proposing, electing, and initiating a person 

on the same evening, provided, in all cases, he is known to 

be worthy, 1 00 

Each Subordinate Division shall pay not more than 5 per cent 

of its receipts, to be sent with the returns at the Quarterly 

Sessions of the Grand Division — including fractions of terms, 

if any. 

RULE XVI. All members of Divisions under this jurisdiction, 
shall have the right of appeal to this body, and its decisions shall be 

RULE XVII. Any Division neglecting to make quarterly returns 
and payment of dues, shall be disqualified from voting in the Grand 
Division; nor shall they be allowed to receive the passwords until said 
returns and payments are made. 

Rl. LE X V III. Any Division neglecting to comply with the rules 
ami regulations of the Grand Division, shall forfeit its Charter and other 
property, if two-thirds of the members present, at any regular meeting 
t,1P Grand Division concur therein. Provided, however, Subordi- 
nate i), i visions in all cases, shall have the right of appeal to the Na- 
tional Division. b r 

RULE XIX. No concert, festival, or other public assemblage of 
any description shall be allowed, without permission from the Grand 
wiuon, except funerals. Neither shall any brother appear in the re- 

galia of the Order, at any concert, festival, public assemblage or pro- 
cession, unless permission has been duly granted by the Grand 

RULE XX. No Brothers shall be admitted into Grand Divis- 
ions but members of the same, or other Grand Divisions, and candi- 
dates for initiation. 

RULE XXL Committees of three or under shall be appointed by 
the G. W. P. — those consisting of more than that number shall be ap- 
pointed by open nomination. 

RULE XXII. Brothers shall be allowed only to represent Subor- 
dinate Divisions of which they are members — nor can any person be 
a member of two Subordinate Divisions at the same time. In case of 
the transfer of a member, he shall not be disqualified on that account, 
but may be elected to represent the Division to whieh he may become 

RULE XXIIL No Brother shall serve two successive terms in the 
same office, except in the offices of G. Scribe, G. T., and G. Chaplain. 

RULE XXIV. Applications to open new Divisions must be sign- 
ed by at least eight persons, who must be men of good standing in the 
community — and the Grand Division shall have power to send such 
delegate or delegates as may be deemed proper, to superintend the or- 
ganization, and train them into the usages of the Order, said Delegates 
always to be subject to the instructions of the Grand Division. 

Form of Application for Charter, 


The undersigned, inhabitants of , believing the Order of the 

Sons of Temperance to be well calculated to extend the blessings of 
total abstinence, and promote the general welfare of mankind, respect- 
fully petition the Grand Division of the of , to grant 

them a Charter to open a new Division, to be called the Di- 
vision, No. — , Sons of Temperance, of the of , to be lo- 
cated in and under your jurisdiction. 

We pledge ourselves, individually and collectively, to be governed 
by the rules and usages of said Grand Division, and also by those of 
the National Division. 

Enclosed is the Charter Fee, $ — . 

It must also be stated whether the applicants are members of the 
Order, or not — if they are, of what Division. To be directed to the 
Grand Scribe, free of postage. 

RULE XXV. — National Fund. — Sec. 1. Every member of a 
Subordinate Division of the Sons of Temperance shall, annually, on 
the last meeting of September, pay to his Division, the sum of ten 
cents. The amount so received shall be paid over to the Grand Divis- 
ion under whose jurisdiction it may be placed. The Grand Division 
shall transmit the same to the National Division of the United States. 

Sec. 2. The amount so received shall be held by the M. W. Pat- 
riarch, M. W. Associate, M. W. Scribe, and M. W. Treasurer, as 
Trustees, in trust for the relief of sick or disabled brothers, or for 

t ■ il expenses of deceased brothers, who may require such re- 
the run Jj^jie in foreign States, or out of the jurisdiction of their 
°TV visions. The funds so raised to be a sacred deposite for 
d use only. 
Anv member of the Order, in good standing, -who may, 
te, or out .of the jurisdiction of this Grand Di- 
1UI may apply by himself or friends, to the nearest 

taring his situation. The Visiting Committee of the Division 
to, shall forthwith visit the applicant and grant such imme- 
diate relief as may be necessary, and present a written report of his 
.1 meeting of their Division, when, if a majority of such 
,ion shall so determine, they may grunt a relief not exceeding, in 
the sum of sixty dollars, which sum shall be returned 
to the Division granting such relief, out of the funds that may be accu- 
mulated under this provision of the National Division. 

Sbc. 4. The Division giving such relief, shall be required to fur- 
nish, as vouchers for the expenditure the receipt of the member 
Lving the same, or in case of inability or death, the receipt of his 
medical attendant, and a duly certified copy of the action of the Division 
in thecasc — upon the production of which, any two of the Trusteesof the 
fund may, by written order, authorize the repayment of sums so advanced. 
Sec. 5. Should the amount arising from this provision, in any year 
• ■d the sum of $1,000 up to the first day of September, over and 
above all demands against it, it shall be the duty of the M. W. Scribe 
to advise the several Grand Divisions of the same — and the Grand 
Divisions shall be authorized to retain the amounts so collected, until 
they may be required to supply the demands under this provision, 
and if it be found that the amount so accumulating, be more than 
icienl lor the purposes above mentioned, the several Grand Di- 
visions shall be instructed to refund such surplus to the Subordinate 
Divisions, in due proportions to their contributions, as a Widow and 
Orphans' fund. 

6. The rules relating to the National Fund shall not be bind- 
on any Division organized prior to the first of October, 1845. No 
however, shall have any claim upon said fund, unless he be-- 
to a Division which contributes to it. 
Sbc. 7.^ The monies so collected and retained, shall remain in the 
of the several Grand Divisions, where it may be collected, 
to the order of the Trustees, any two of whom may thus draw 
application of such Subordinate Divisions as have disbursed 
uch relief as is contemplated in these articles, for the pur- 
s above mentioned. Such monies as are not thus drawn, shall be 
to the National Division with the annual returns, or through 
es, at its annual sessions, for such arrangements for its 

RUT hat b ° dy may think flt t0 make ' 

the •' *-^yi- Members of Grand Divisions shall be deprived of 

peaking or voting, unless clothed in appropriate rega- 

specified in the printed proceedings of the National Division of 

'* ^cc B. B., p. 4i. * & 

RULE XXVII. No alteration or addition shall be made to this 
Constitution, unless by a vote of two-thirds of the members present at 
a regular annual session of the National Division. 

RULE XXVIII. To maintain uniformity, tho National Division 
of the United Stat s, ordain the following Constitution for the Gov- 
ernment of Subordinate Divisions, at the same time empowering them 
10 make such By-Laws as do not contravene it or the Rules of the 









ARTICLE I.— Sessions. 

Sec 1. — Regular Sessions of this Grand Division shall be held on 
the Fourth Wednesday at 10 o'clock A. M., in the months of October, 
January, April, and July. 

Sec. 2. — At the expiration of thirty minutes after 10 o'clock, if there 
be not a quorum, the members present may organize informally, and 
adjourn to such time as they may determine. 

ARTICLE IL— Committees. 

Sec. 2. — The G. W. P. shall, at each Quarterly Session appoint 
the following Standing Committees, each of which shall consist of 
three members, to wit: 

A Committee on Subordinate Divisions, 
A Committee on Finance, 
A Committee on Appeals, 
A Committee on Judiciary. 
&W. 2 The Committee on Subordinate Divisions shall exercise a 
Bm supervision over the By-Laws and Rules of the Subordinate Di- and report those that conflict with the Constitution; examine 
'•redentials of persons claiming seats in this Division; all Quarterly 
, and such petitions or communications from Subordinate Di- 
« < jn as may be referred to them. The G. W. P. shall be ex-offieio, 
^h.trman ot this Committee. 


Sec. 3. The Committee on Finance shall examine the books and 
accounts of the G. T. and G. S.; the annual returns for the National 
Division; and all bills and claims that may be referred to them, and 
deliver to the payees thereof orders on the G. T. passed for the pay- 
ment of bills against this Division. 

•Sec. 4. The Committee on appeals shall examine all cases of ap- 
peals from Subordinate Divisions, and report the facts with a recom- 
mendation of specific action. In appeals from this body to the Na- 
tional Division, they shall prepare and send up a certified copy of the 

Sec, 5. The Judiciary Committee shall have referred to them such 
doubtful questions in regard to the rules and usages of the Order as 
this Division may think proper. 

Sec. 6. There shall also be a Committee of Ways and Means, 
consisting of five Members, including the Treasurer, who shall be Ex- 
officio Chairman, whose duty it shall be to devise and execute meas- 
ures for preserving and increasing the funds of this Division; to make 
such investment of the funds as the Division may direct, and generally 
to act as an executive Committee in all matters relating to the appli- 
action of the funds, under the direction of this Division, except in cases 
otherwise provided for. 

ARTICLE itl.— 00cm. 

Sec. 1. The G. S. shall procure and keep a book in which he 
shall record the Constitution and By-Laws of the Division. He shall 
notify each Subordinate Division of the time and place of holding the 
Annual and Quarterly Sessions; and at least one week before holding 
any called Session. 

Sec. 2. The G. C. shall procure light and fuel for the Sessions 
of this Division, and if necessary, employ a Janitor to take care of the 
Hall, and he shall report quarterly in relation to the property under 
his control. 

Sec, 3. The G. T. shall give bond with security to be approved 
by the Committee on Finance in the sum of One Thousand Dollars 
for the faithful discharge of the duties of his office. 

ARTICLE l\\^— Members. 
Every member of this Division shall, at the Session in which he is 
initiated, sign the Constitution and By-Laws. 

ARTICLE V.— Revenue. 

Sec. 1. Every Subordinate Division under this jurisdiction, shall 
at the commencement of each Quarterly Session, pay to this Division 
the sum of five per centum on the whole amount of their Receipts for 
Initiations, Dues, and adjoining fees. 

Sec. 2. Every Subordinate Division shall pay this Division for a 
Charter, B. B. &c, the sum of Six dollars, which must accompany 
the petition. 


Set\ 1. This Division has power to suspend, and to remove its 




officers; and to reprimand, to suspend,, and to expel its members. — 
No motion for any of these purposed aJBdfl bo in order unless the fol- 
lowing proceedings (except when*, the person moved r^anst,.. waives 
them or any of them) shall have been had. Written charges specify- 
ing the offence shall be submitted ;o the division by a member, and 
filed with the G. S. They shall then be referred to a special Commit- 
tee of five members who shall, with as little d^h^-as.thg oase will ad- 
mit, summon the parties to appear before them in person or by counsel, 
examine fully the matter in question, and report in writing all the facts 
as proved before them, together with a recommendation of some spe- 
cific action by this Division. This Division shall then proceed to de- 
cide the question, with or without debate. 

Sec. 2. A vote of suspension or removal of an officer, or of sus- 
pension or expulsion of a member, shall be by a majority vote of two 
successive Quarterly Sessions. 

ARTICLE VII.— Dispcnsatio)is. 

The G. W. P. shall have power during the interim of the Sessions 
of this Division to grant dispensations for the opening of Subordinate 
Divisions, subject to the approval of this Division at its first regular 
Session thereafter. 

ARTICLE YIII.— Deputies. 

Sec. 1. The G. W. P. by, and with the consent of this Division 
shall at the Sessions in October and April, appoint as many Deputies 
as he may think proper, to act in such parts of his jurisdiction as ho 
may specify in his commission. 

Sec. 2. In the intervals between the Quarterly Sessions, the G. 
W. P. by and with the consent of the G. W. A., or G. S. shall have 
power to appoint Deputies for such portions of his jurisdiction as may 
be deemed necessary for the good of the Order; and for cause to be 
assigned by the G. W. P. in his report next after such revocation, to 
revoke any commission and fill the vacancy. 

Sec. 3. The Commission of a Deputy shall be attested by the sig- 
natures of the G. W. P. and G. S. and by the seal of this Division. 
It shall bear date on the first Monday of the month next after the Ses- 
sion of this Division at which the appointment may have been made, 
and shall run until the appointment of his successor. 

Its blank form shall be as follows : 



Grand Division of the State of Kentucky, to Greeting: 

Know ye, that I , Grand Worthy Patriarch for the 

State of Kentucky, by and with the consent of the Grand Division, do 

hereby appoint (W. P. or P. W. P. as the case may be) 

Deputy Grand Worthy Patriarch for for six months from 

mis date; and you are hereby directed to receive, and respect him in 
his official capacity, as the Representative of the Grand Division, and 
head of the Order in the absence of tho Gran 1 Worthy Patriarch lu 


witness whereof. 1 hove hereunto set my hand and caused this to be 
attested by the signature of the Grand Sribe, and the seal of the Grand 

Division, this the — r day of- A. D. . 

G. W. R 

[SEAL,J • q g 

Sec. 4. Each Deputy shall report monthly his proceedings to the 
G. W. P. in writing. 


These By-Laws and Rules may be suspended, amended, or repealed 
by a vote of two-thirds of the members present at any Annual or 
Quarterly Session. 



RULE. I. The following shall be the order of business at Annual 
and Quarterly Sessions: 

1. Opening Ceremony. 

2. Chaplain's Duty. 

3. Reading the Minutes of the previous meeting. 

4. Report on Credentials. 

5. Admission of new Members. 

6. Correspondence. 

7. Reports of Officers. 

8. Reports of Standing Committees. 

9. Reports of Special Committees. 

10. Unfinished business to be announced by the G. W- P. 

according to priority on the record. 

11. New Business. 

' RULE II. No member shall speak more than twice; the first time 
not longer than five, the second than ten minutes, on any question, 
without the unanimous consent of the members present 

RULE III, All motions, except privileged, incidental, or subsidiary, 
shall be presented in writing. All amendments to resolutions shall be 
in writing. , 

RULE IV. A motion made and seconded, shall be stated by the 
Chair and then shall be open for discussion. As soon as open, no other 
motion shall be in order, than to adjourn, to lay on the table, the pre- 
vious question, to postpone indefinitely, to postpone to a certain time, 
refer or to amend, which shall have precedence in the order in which 
they are arranged, and the first, second, third and fourth of which, shall 
be decided without debate. Provided, that the time to which an ad- 
journment is moved, shall be debatable. 

RULE V. The reading of a paper being called for, and objected 
to, shall be decided without debate by a majority vote. 

RULE VI. In all votes, the Yeas and Nays shall be taken on the 
call of any three members. Any member wishing to be excused from 
voting, shall briefly state his reasons, and without further remark, the 
Division shall decide on the excuse. In taking the vote by yeas and 
nays, every member present, unless excused, shall vote. On no ques- 
tion shall the G. W. P have more than one vote. 

RULE VII. In cases of appeal from the decision of the G. W, P. 
the member appealing may briefly state his reasons; the G. W. P. 
shall then state his decision, and may state his reasons; and the Di- 
vision, shall, without further remark, proceed to vote upon the question, 
"Will the Division sustain the Chair?" 

RULE VIII. When a blank is to be filled, the highest number or 
longest time, shall be first put. 

RULE IX. All questions of order not provided for in these roles, 
«hall be decided agreeably to the rules of the U. S. Senate, as [aid 
down in Jefferson's Manual. 






J. B. EEDD, G. W. P. 
N. D. HUNTER, G. W. A. 
A. G. MUNN, G. Scribe. 
W. E. GLOVER, G. T. 
I, S. LOCKE, G. C. 
D. L. ADAIR, G. Sen. 

M E M B 

G. W. Kyle, P. G. W. P. 
R. Dawson, P. G. W. P. 
S. Kennedy, 
J. M. Lincoln, 
J. K. Lemair, 
E. Jenkins, 

0. Latiirop, 
S. M. Moore, 
J. H- Heywood, 

1. D. Thompson, 
W. A. Hawley, 


G. W. Rogers. 

E R S. 

J. E. Beman, 
F. W. Prescott. 
J. ,W. Chase, 


R. B. J. Ttt'YMAN, 

J. B. Howe, 
Wm. Graham, 
W. J. Jean, 
W. W. Senteny, 
J. A. Buchanan, 
R. L. Post, 
David Clark, 
J. L. Biggers. 




OCTOBER, 1846. 

Resolved, That this Grand Division recommend to Subordinate 
Divisions, in printing their Constitutions, o insert sections 
1st, 2d, 3d, 4th, and 5th, of Rule xxv. o< Constitution of 
G. D., also the form of application for a Charter for a 
Subordinate Division. 

Resolved, That all P. W. P's. shall wear red collars in their own 

Resolved, That Subordinate Divisions be empowered to erase from 
their Charters, the names of such original signers as have 
not complied with the Constitutional provisions in such 
case provided. 

Resolved, That this G. D. recommend to the Subordinate Divisions 
of the State of Kentucky, that they wear their Regalia 
on all funeral occasions. 





JUNE, 1846. 

1. That it is inexpedient to form a connection between the Na* 
tional Division and the Temples of Honor. 

2. That hereafter, it shall be deemed entirely irregular to organize 
any additional unofficial branch of the Sons of Temperance* 

3. That Cider, fermented or unfermented, as a beverage, would 
be a violation of the Pledge. 

4. That the introduction of signs of recognition, would be inap- 
propriate and improper. 

5. That it is inexpedient, at the present time, to legislate on the 
subject of degrees. 

6. The Regalia of Subordinate Divisions, shall always be appro- 
priate in Subordinate Divisions. 

7. That the Regalia of the National or Grand Division is appro- 
priate to those entitled thereto, except to the officers in their 
own respective" Subordinate Division. 

8. That Grand Divisions be required to strictly enforce the Rule 
"to be clothed in appropriate Regalia in their respective Divis- 
ions," and that no Brother be permitted, either in a Grand or 
Subordinate I >i vision to participate in any manner in the proceed- 
ings of the meeting, unless he be clothed in appropriate Regalia. 

9. That Grand Divisions be requested to enforce the Rule in Subor- 
dinate Divisions, respecting Regalia or White Linen Collars. 

10. That no person who buys any Spiritous or Malt liquors, Wine 
or Cider, as a beverage, for the accommodation of a customer, 
although he may not design or wish to make any profit, can 
become a Son of Temperance. 

11. That no person acting as a salesman, for a dealer in the above 
named articles, and disposing of the same, to be used as a bev- 
erage, can remain a member of the Order. 

12. That agents of the law are not included in the general rules 
relating to Art. 2, of Constitution of Subordinates. 

13. That other than Sons of Temperance are competent witnesses 
on trials for violations of Article 2, of Constitution. 4 

14. That no Representative can be elected to Grand Divisions 
during the interval between the regular annual elections for 
representatives, except those W. P's. who attain the Chair 
during the Constitutional periods of the year, or P. \V. P's 
adjoining by card. 

15. That a State Grand Division has the power of making laws, 
declaring the seat of any officer of a Subordinate Division va- 
cant, if he neglect to attend to the duties of his office, Jjpr three 
nights in succession, without informing the Division^r if the 
excuse should not be deemed sufficient by a vote of two-thirds.